OUTLOOK HUMANITARIAN CARE INITIATIVE (OHCI) identified women as a major contributor in household development. HIV, Violence, lack of education prevent them from being economically stable and would have been able to participate meaningfully. We provide a path that creates the condition under which not just one woman but thousands of women can benefit.

  1. Designed program, evidence based plan for donors and policy makers that empower women and girls to control their lives and shape the future of their communities.
  2. Support campaign initiative program to condemn all forms of violence against women through symposium, seminars, orientation.
  3. We recommend policy programs that will allow women and girls to be totally independent from men through project engagement.
  4. Men and boys should know it is against human right to subject women under harsh condition.

OHIC works on building the capacity of other Civil Society Organization that provide harm reduction services to drug users. We focus on components:

  1. Harm reduction and programming
  2. Network building and advocacy
  3. Adolescent and women and girl using drugs.
  4. Treatment programs.