OHCI collaborates with partners globally to ensure that policies and development programs help to improve the lives of drug users, women and girls in Africa. Attention are given in field of research and investments, recovery treatment based on evidence program to reduce harm of drugs addicts, HIV and AIDS, malaria against women and children, to affect real change for women empowerment violence against women and girls.

The goal is to economically support reforms on drug policy and treatment, provide equitable service to women and access to resources such as technology or arm, then with the ability to stay healthy and live freely from violence.

We are presently handicapped because of fund, we urge foundations, co-operations, non-profits, multilateral and bilateral groups worldwide to support us unto action for drug addicts and women sustainable economic agenda, area of decision making process, women participation in politics, agriculture, trade and empowerment in gender equality and campaign against violence on girls, women and children. If your development effort requires you to navigate complexities of drug addicts on women and girls, malaria, HIV and AIDS, and other health issues. OHCI can help and guide way, so there will be a desired impact in our community base in Africa.

OHCI expertise design programs that will bring partnership into depth of experience in gender development, we desire to reform and transform program that will benefit women and girls social values from variety of discipline e.g. public health, demographic and economics.

OHCI design culturally practiced way to overcome those barriers advocate for policy change at the local, national and international level by applying evidence based approach to access whether those efforts are making difference in life of drug addicts and women at large. We invite you to partner with us to improve lives of women, girls, and children and pregnant women, affected with HIV and AIDS, malaria and infection diseases, and also improve the health of drugs addicts, through harm reduction, treatment recovery therapy, sensational campaign initiatives because war on drugs is a war without end.

OHCI is a work of passion love and care for:

  1. Networking and Capacity Building
  2. Advocacy and Education
  3. Strategy Formulation
  4. Transparency and Accountability.