OUTLOOK HUMANITARIAN CARE INITIATIVE (OHCI) was founded in 2014 in respect to concerns that international development intervention were benefitting men and women unequally. African NGOs do not get to the root of the matter, after getting donation from the international development partners, there is no transparency and accountability in project funding to the detriment of the entire societies. OHCI was established to reduce poverty, illiteracy and poor health in our constituency and the world at large. Our findings determine that the effectiveness of poverty, relief programs were undermined by a misperception that households were led only by men.

The founder of OHCI came up with an idea to prove we can do something on our own to support International development partners by organizing a project initiative which comprises men and women, boys and girls, children and pregnant women to develop a strategy to reach out for the hopeless in our society through sound scriptural teaching, passion and care and love to extend that fellowship within the continent of Africa. Today OHCI is the fore-front to campaign against violence on women and children and support empowerment programs. We are also in fore-front to demand for a change in drug policy reform in UNIGASS, we are in partnership with Stop the Harm.


A world where sustainable development is a reality for all Children, Youth and Women.


Together we drive development, Strengthen Communities, and empower humanity.


The OHCI funds works on people centered focusing on projects that meet basic needs, such as health care and sanitation, education and community development, with aim of encouraging self reliance and inspiring hope for the future.